International Shipping


Global Shipping of everything

Car Shipping


We are car enthusiasts and our experience is in handling exotic and collector vehicles efficiently and safely. We contract the best car carriers in the nation to pick up vehicles and deliver them to professional container freight stations to be packed safely for the ocean transportation.  We transport vehicles from all cities and ports in the USA to any destination, by container, Roll-on-Roll-off, and sometimes even air freight. Integrated logistics from your door to destination country.  

Boat and Yacht Shipping


We offer pick up service for your boat anywhere in the country with delivery to

the closes export port. Boats on trailer can be shipped in a container or with Roll In Roll Off service based on the size of the boat and trailer. Yacht transportation is offered with Lift On Lift Off service on a heavy lift carrier or sometimes with liner service. There really is no yacht too big to be shipped. We are an excellent negotiator and will ensure you will receive a fair price and safe and excellent service on a confirmed ship.                               

Complex Logistics


Complex logistics for project and break-bulk cargo is our specialty.  All you have to do is let us know what your shipping goals are, and we will work out the most efficient way to get your cargo where it needs to be delivered. We are happy to give you a detailed quote. After cargo is booked we will keep you updated until your cargo is safely delivered at the destination.